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This website will help you understand today's machine vision technology and where it is used. is designed to give a brief introduction to the technology, provide application examples of machine vision in action and to provide end-users, systems integrators and original equipment manufacturers with contacts if they would like to talk to experts on the use of  vision systems, or require further reading on general machine vision technology.

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What is machine vision?

Machine vision (also called "industrial vision" or "vision systems") is primarily focused on computer vision in the context of industrial manufacturing processes, be it in the inspection process itself (e.g. checking a measurement or identifying a character string is printed correctly) or through some other responsive input needed for control (e.g. robot control or type verification). The machine vision system can consist of a number of cameras all capturing, interpreting and signalling individually with a control system related to some pre-determined tolerance or requirement. is sponsored by Industrial Vision Systems Ltd and NeuroCheck GmbH

machine vision system

Machine vision has become a key technology in the area of manufacturing and quality control due to the increasing quality demands of manufacturers and customers. Machine vision utilises industrial image processing through the use of cameras mounted over production lines and cells in order to visually inspect products in real time without operator intervention.

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